Our Story


Abdessamad (“Samad”)


Parisian of Algerian parents, I love Paris, my mom's cooking, olive oil, and coffee. I grew up in the most beautiful city in the world and I'm proud of it.

Proud also of the link that binds me to Algeria, that I try to maintain by going regularly on the spot, to visit my family and return to Paris with suitcases full of "zit zitoune" (it's the cute little name in Arabic for olive oil).





Albert aka Albert Camus aka Alberto.

The real star. He likes to eat as much as us and spends his time sleeping on the best spots of the house.




Parisian of French parents, I love my mom's cooking, tiramisu, tea and Paris.

I like discovering new flavors and turning my kitchen into a food laboratory on weekends.

Coming from an country family, I like doing my market in my grandmother's vegetable garden every time I visit her ...


In 2015 begins our adventure, around a bowl of Japanese noodles, then followed other meals, travels, stories ...

Emilie has fallen into the pot - or rather the pressure cooker - of oriental cuisine ("for real" Abdessamad would say) after her first dinner with Abde's parents.

A feast made by mom Ben. 

It was then, following Emilie's surprise, that the idea of ​​sharing the richness of Arabian cuisine with the world started to make her way in our heads.

Because Arabian or North African cuisine, whether Moroccan, Algerian or Tunisian, is little known despite its richness and diversity.

A few months later, after several other Algerian feasts and travels, it's during a stroll on the Greek island of Sifnos,
as we lamented once again that Arabian cuisine - and Algerian cuisine in particular - was little known to the public, that we thought it was time to do something about it.


Sifnos Island: Pretty inspiring isn't it? Almost all our serious discussions take place during long walks. #Aristote


So we decided to launch this blog to share our love of Algerian Cuisine, Arabian Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine and thus to better publicize it with recipes, stories, travels...  and more.


histoire Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian Cuisine are often confused.

People often gather the 3 behind the label "Moroccan cuisine".

Of course, there are essential items common to these 3 countries - couscous for example; but each of these three countries has its own specificities, its own cuisine linked to its history.

And if there is a Cuisine that is not well known among the three, it is the Algerian one.

But beware, no sectarianism, Eastern/Arabian/North African and Mediterranean Cuisines are so good that we will not hesitate to share our favorite things, may they come from Algeria or elsewhere.

We will also share our discoveries, in Paris and other spots, our projects, our trips ...


"Our Sea". You all know this Latin expression used by our ancestors the Romans to refer to the Mediterranean Sea.

Mare Nostrum recalls the common past that brings us all together, whether we are in Tunisia, Turkey or France and reminds us that we are all friends when we eat a tasty tajine.